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Image by Massimo Rinaldi

Our Portfolio 

Small Scientist Promoting Ocean Literacy in Children

Small Scientist Promoting Ocean Literacy in Children

Small Scientist will take an interdisciplinary approach to create children's literature from peer-reviewed scientific articles. Learn more about our book, Callie and The Wall of Water/Callie og vannveggen, and the collaboration between North SciComm, Rune Markhus, Sünnje Basedow, and Læringsverkstedet AS. Small Scientist is funded by the Research Council of Norway and recognized as an UN Ocean Decade endorsed activity.

ZOOLYS: Zooplankton vertical migration 3D animation

ZOOLYS is an immersive exhibit that blends science with novel technologies in visual art. The project embraces ‘edutainment’ to communicate ocean science research by using zooplankton vertical migration research data for coding in 3D film and animation technologies, including game engine and artificial intelligence (AI) programs.  The film will be screened on the main concert hall stage in Stormen Konserthus in Bodø, Norway. ​ZOOLYS STORMEN is co-produced by Joachim VoldsethStormen Konserthus, and is part of Forskningsdagene Researchers' Night 2022.More details here.


Lofoten Research is a marine ecology research group at the University of Tromsø - the Arctic University of Norway. We are working with Lofoten Research to update their science communication initiatives including a new website, blog postings on research studies, and project news.

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